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Haiyang Sweater-Ocean of Sweaters-Aqi Textile Sweater Art Festival Highlights

In order to strengthen the interaction between supply and demand, promote regional industrial cooperation, enhance the creative design capacity of enterprises in the cluster area and the leading role of brand consumption for the purpose of further implementation of the "excellent supply and promotion of upgrading" work, by the China Woolen Textile Industry Association in the People's Government of Haiyang City co-organised the Sixth Sweater Art Festival of China (Haiyang).

China International Fashion & Apparel Exposition--Aqi Textile Wonderful Review

Shanghai in March, flowers, green, clean water first melt, knitters also choose to get together at this time to meet. From 28th to 30th March, the 3-day China International Fashion & Apparel Fair (CIFA) was held here. held here.

Tug-of-War Competition on 8th March Women's Day - Highlighted Review

In this March full of spring, full of tenderness, full of enthusiasm, we ushered in the "38" Women's Day! We would like to extend our sincerest greetings and best wishes to all women.

Yaki Textile/ Learning Ideology, Strengthening Party Character, Practising and Building New Skills

The special party lesson focuses on reading the original text, learning the original text, understanding the reason, in-depth study and comprehension of the significance and spiritual essence of the 20th CPC National Congress; speaking politics and abiding by the rules, dare to take up the role of the Party, and always maintain the advanced nature and purity of the Communist Party, the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress was elaborated in detail and profoundly elaborated.
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